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The Characteristics of Granite

Granite is, quite literally, as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled down to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. The chemical composition of granite is similar to that of lava. However, granite owes its hardness and density to the fact that it has been solidified deep within the earth, under extreme pressure.

It is accurate to speak of "granites" because many varieties of the stone exist. While they differ in color, texture and crystalline structure, the granites have three essential minerals in common: Feldspar, Quartz and Mica. These minerals occur in different proportions, giving each granite its own color, texture and structural characteristics.

In addition, hornblende, hematite, pyrite, zircon, garnet, corundum and other minerals may be present in smaller amounts, adding to the unique coloration and texture of each granite deposit. In supplying granite for a large building or complex of buildings, it is essential that the stone be consistent in color a texture. To assure this, each granite color must be quarried from the same deposit. With natural material like granite, a certain amount of "movement" or grain in the stone must be expected. Many people find this flow and blending of colors the most compelling reason to use granite.

Granite Will Elevate Your Project

Granite and stone products will become the focal point of your home or commercial building. Quality stone products ad timely elegance and natural beauty to any home or commercial project. The unique patterns and distinctive characteristics of quality stone products will set your project apart.

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors. Check our color chart to view the many options. Most samples are available in our showroom. Customers also have the option of examining full slabs in our warehouse. Polished granite offers a beautiful look and is extremely resistant to heat, staining and scratching.

The third dimension of depth is one of the key ways that granite sets itself apart from synthetic materials. Unlike synthetics, granite reflects light back into the room to create a luminance and feeling that can't be duplicated.Granite is the least susceptible of any product to scratches. It is the second hardest natural substance next to diamond and holds its luster forever.

Silkstone Granite and Quartz outfits any size or shape of kitchen counter or table and bar top with the finest in top quality natural stone. We custom cut the stone at our Calgary fabrication location to provide the best looking and properly fitted granite countertop possible.

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